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How we can help you

Why should I choose Link as my accountants?

At the simplest level, people come to us because they want to concentrate on running and developing their business, not administering it on behalf of HM Government. We can look after as little or as much of that admin burden as our clients want us to.

Surely any competent accountant can do that?

That’s true but it’s also about the way that service is delivered. We try really hard to organise around the way our clients want to work, not necessarily what might suit us best. More importantly, we don’t just “do the books.” Accountancy is about finding ways to improve business performance-and that’s exactly what we do for our clients.

And does that make you unique?

Not entirely, but it’s more unusual than you might think. It’s very easy when a practice is busy and the fees are rolling in to forget about that extra effort. But clients need that. They can’t be expected to keep track of all the new legislation or new developments that might benefit or hinder their business. It’s our job to spot those issues and advise our clients accordingly.

And we do have unique tax mitigation solutions for the more successful of our clients with which we can significantly reduce their tax liabilities and we help them to maximise their longer term wealth.

What if I’ve already got problems?

We’ll help you solve them. Clients are often referred to us to help them with tax inquiries We have an excellent record of reaching satisfactory agreements It’s a horrible experience being the subject of an investigation. People often feel like their life is on hold while it’s going on. Our experience in this field means we can achieve the right solution speedily.

And if I’m a smaller business, will I still get your attention?

We are here for all our clients. We have a great team here delivering all the services our client’s want but Jay will try to use his time and expertise to provide the personal contact and added value. We like to look beyond the figures to assist our clients with their business and personal objectives.

If I want to find out more?

Call us. Come and see us or we’ll come to you. There’s no obligation and no cost for an initial exploratory meeting. We can explore your priorities and establish whether Link is the right practice to support you in your aims, and if you happen to be a profitable business, we can discuss our unique advanced tax planning solutions for you or if applicable, our IR35 Solution which can help you retain up to 86% of your gross income if you are a contractor.