If it wasn’t for HMRC, National Insurance, Customs & Excise, legislation, paper work, red tape administration and ambition - you probably wouldn’t need an accountant.

There’s no pleasure in paying for an accountant. So when you do, you want to be sure that they understand exactly what you want from them:

  • Business acumen that helps you achieve and exceed your objectives,
  • Expertise to save you unnecessary tax or expense
  • Compliance with all your legal responsibilities and deadlines
  • Service to cut down the horrendous admin burden on your business
  • Specialist skills to spot opportunities and deal with problems that arise
  • Protect you when faced with an unwanted inquiry from the taxman
  • An IR35 Solution for contractors that assures them of maximum returns and removes all IR35 issues
  • Advanced tax reduction planning for successful business and individuals to cut down on their tax bill 

You may not like having to have an accountant. But you will like what LINK can do for you. Read what our clients say >

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Corporate companies

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Tax inquiries

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